That's me here during the 1994 World Cup at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I was one of the many volunteers who helped make the organization a success. It was one of the moments I enjoyed most being in the Southland; I had fun. Not that I attended the games, but the atmosphere there was unique. I was there almost every day with, sometimes, my buddy Tapha.

Another thing I like is watching planes taking off and landing. I'm not a traveler, but I enjoy doing so. As a matter of fact I can spend hours on that. That might seem weird, but once again I'm just another being.

I also like studying, and I believe I'll be studying all my life. I like learning new things. My focus now is on computers: networking, data communications, the internet, which I surf daily, and desktop publishing (I am certified on that). Here is Ahmadou when he was at the University of Dakar (English Department), Senegal.

I like listening to music, all types of music, but Reggae and Rock (hard or soft) are my favorite ones. I'm not a good dancer, though.