Islam means submission to the will of God (commonly known as Allah). Taken as such, all prophets were doing the will of God. Islam as it is practiced today was perfected by the last prophet sent to all mankind: Mohamed (peace be upon him). The people following Islam are called Moslems (those who submit to do the will of God). Islam is not only a religion, but also a way of life. Islam is not well known in some parts of the world. Some associate Islam with violence for lack of knowledge. Islam is peace, forgiveness and mercy. Moslems are all over the world and are of different races.




Moslems believe that God is one. He is Unique in His Power and Knowledge. They believe that God has no beginning and no end. He is Eternal and He does not need us to continue existing. Human beings can't affect His kingdom. Anything that is not God has beginning and end. For instance, my life, the lives of those before me and your life, too. You see that the notion of oneness of God is very fundamental. It had been the teaching of all prophets. Moslems believe in all the prophets from Adam to Jesus to the last one of them: Mohammed (peace be upon all of them).

Mohammed is the prophet sent to all mankind, and until the end of the universe there won't be any other prophets coming. Moslems believe in the books received by some of the prophets because not all of them were messengers. Some received revelations from God, others did not. For instance, Jesus received the Bible and Mohammed received the Qur'an, which is God's final message to mankind. Moslems believe in the existence of Angels. Moslems believe in the Day of the Judgement, the day when every human being will, at an individual level, be accountable for his or her actions on earth.

Moslems do not put any prophets in the place of God no matter how great his or her miracles are. Moslems do not create a division between the prophets. They honor all of them. Thus isn't it necessary to talk about the last prophet and messenger of God: Mohammed? Who was he?




















I believe it's important to talk about him considering the fact that he is not well known, especially in the U.S. How many times, when mentioning the name Mohammed, people told me about the then Nation of Islam leader thinking that he was the same person I was alluding to? I cannot tell with exactitude.

Mohammed was born in Makkah (Saudi Arabia). That was in the year 570 after the prophet Jesus Christ whose name is Issa in the holy qur'an. His father, Abdullah, died before his birth. Soon after he was born, Mohammed was to lose his mother, Aminah. Then he was under the care of his uncle Abu Talib.

Mohammed was highly regarded for his qualities. He was truthful, generous, sincere. He was religious. He enjoyed meditating a lot, connecting himself to his creator. It's during one of his meditative retreats, at age 40, that he started receiving the revelations from God through the Angel Gabriel. What is known as the Qur'an is the totality of the revelations received by the prophet Mohammed, which spanned the remaining of his life. He died at age 63. He was born in a society in decadence, which ultimately learned the values taught by Mohammed.

If you are interested in learning more about the prophet Mohammed, go to your local public library and get a book about his life. You can also find there a copy of the holy Qur'an.



Becoming a Moslem and Knowing the pillars of Islam


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There is only one God. His name is Allah, Jehovah, Dieu, Dios, Yallah, Rauck. Others call Him different names. He is Unique. He is the God of those who believe and those who don't. He is the God of the rich and the God of the poor. He has no beginning and no end. He is the Creator. All prophets belong to the same family; they were all transmitting the same truth, proclaiming the oneness of God, leading and urging people to go from darkness to light, from lies to truth. So, why are we fighting? Let's be one people. Through our differences, lies the Greatness of God. Leave the judgement to Him, our LORD