La Republique du Senegal/ The Republic of Senegal

Diourbel (my place of birth)

This brief description of Senegal is mainly for the scores of people within the Southland who, each time I answered I was from Senegal, showed an expression of confusion and sometimes asking: "where is that", "I never heard of that country" or on some occasions, some would play the psychics telling me: "let me guess by your accent". From the answers received, I came from all parts of the world except Asia. Maybe if I had eye plastic surgery (Chinese-like), some would say that I was from China. Anyway, for all of you who want to increase your knowledge in Geography here is another country: Senegal.

Geographical Location:

Senegal is a west African country. Facing the Atlantic Ocean in its western part, Senegal is bordered by Mauritania (North), Mali (east), and the two Guineas: Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry in its southern part. I often tell people that the Senegalese map is like a human head and within the mouth lies the tiny Republic of Gambia.

Area: It is estimated at 75,750 square mi. You may compare it to Nebraska.


Senegalese population is estimated at 12,000,000 and is composed of several ethnical groups living peacefully. Each group is an expression of cultural wealth through diverse languages. Thus, we have Wolofs, Pulars or Toucouleurs (I'm one of them), Djolas, Sarakholés, Serères, Mandingues, Socés, etc. Wolof remains the most spoken language in Senegal.


Dakar is the capital of Senegal

Official Language:

The official language is French.

Independence from the colonizer (France):

April 4th, 1960


There are several religions in Senegal, but the majority of the population is Moslem.

Administrative Division of the country:

10 regions, which are: Thiés, Kolda, Fatick, Diourbel, Dakar, Kaolack, Saint-Louis, Louga, Tambacounda, and Ziguinchor.


Senegal has a democratic system of government. You can find there more than 10 political parties. The socialist party is in power since independence.








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Senegalese First President:

The 1st president was Leopold Sedar Senghor. He lead the country until 1980 before handing it over to his then prime minister Abdou Diouf who still is in power. Senghor wrote many books. Go to a public Library to get them.


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Leopold Sedar Senghor






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Abdou Diouf


 The second President of Senegal

Abdoulaye Wade President of Senegal

The President of Senegal